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 OMG how amazing does this story look, as described by someone looking for it on sga_storyfinders:

LF the fic where Sheppard had to help kill a lot of people who were dying anyway of radiation poisoning, and his team didn't believe him and everyone treated him like crap.  He ended up bleeding out in his room, and Caldwell saved him, and Sheppard had written 'I forgive you' in his own blood on the floor.

 "I FORGIVE YOU" IN HIS OWN BLOOD. He had to help kill people? And why are his team treating him like crap when that is so obviously Rodney's role in life? 

Also, if you haven't read [personal profile] toomuchplor 's new story How Not To Fly (http://toomuchplor.dreamwidth.org/101732.html) then you are missing out, girlfriend. 

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That summary sounds... demented. :D

Thanks for the [personal profile] toomuchplor link.
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